John Hanessian, Jr. Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1958 – 1960

Fellowship Area(s): Europe, International

Honorary Degrees

Life in England

A Scottish Yule Holiday

Sir Raymond E. Priestley

A June Trip to Ireland

Questions in Transcaucasia

Stalin’s Birthplace and a Visit to a Georgian Collective Farm

Russians (and Hanessians) on Holiday

Belgium and Antarctica

Expeditions Polaires Francaises

The Antarctic Treaty

About the Author

Program Manager, Office of Exploratory Research and Problem Assessment, National Science Foundation, 1973-74. School of Public and International Affairs, and Director, International Studies in Science and Technology, George Washington Univ., 1967-73; Cal. Tech.; Univ. of Hawaii; Univ. of Alabama; Associate, American Universities Field Staff; U.S. National Academy of Sciences staff for the International Geophysical Year.