Jonathan Guyer has won third prize for arts and entertainment commentary in the Society for Features Journalism’s 2017 Excellence in Features awards. Jonathan was recognized for his work about art and comics in the Middle East. Guyer is one of the rising experts on art and satire in the Middle East. Guyer was a Fellow with the Institute of Current World Affairs based in Cairo Egypt from 2015-2017.

His three article submissions are available online:

—”Remembrance of Things Past,” Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Winter 2016.

—”Understanding Arab Comics,” Los Angeles Review of Books, July 9, 2016.

—”A Bright Spot in an Otherwise Darkened Egypt,” The Art Newspaper, December 16, 2016

The Society for Features Journalism promotes the craft of writing and innovation in lifestyle, arts and entertainment journalism. In 2016, Jonathan was honored as third place for best general feature for his Nieman Reports cover story, “The Offending Art: Political Cartooning After the Charlie Hebdo Attacks.”

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