Joseph Battat Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1975-1978

Fellowship Topic: Science and Technology Policies for Development in the People’s Republic of China

Fellowship Area: China

The Long March to China

A China Trip

China: Change & Continuity – Some Thoughts

In China: A Time to Study

In China: A Time to Work

Management and Modernization: An Overview

With the Masses

Systems Engineering in China (Part I)

The Steel Monster

About the Author

Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management, MIT. Former consultant for the World Bank Group. He became a co-Dean of the the first MBA program in the history of the People's Republic of China. He developed its curricula and recruited its expatriate faculty. He taught at Indiana University's graduate business school in the 1980s. While at IU, he worked with George Soros to design and establish the first school of Western-style management in Soviet-Bloc East Europe in Budapest. His responsibilities of twenty years at the World Bank were global in nature, while continuing to work on the development of China's less advantaged regions. He led the Foreign Investment Advisory Service, a unit of the Bank, which advises governments around the world on how to improve the business environment in their country.