Fellowship Years: 2006-2008

Fellowship Topic: Ethnic, sectarian, and national identity

Fellowship Area: Pakistan

Calling Home: A Story About the MQM in Pakistan

Blood Brothers: The Sectarian Story in Pakistan

Face-Off: Peacock Nationalism on the Pakistan-India Border

Migration Season: The Taliban and their Expanding Influence in Pakistan

Brand Games: Polo and Privatization in the Hindu Kush Mountains

Reform School: Madrassa Education and the Charade of Reform

Role Models: The Jama’at-i Islami and its Big Plans for Reshaping Pakstani Society

The Promised Land: Why Baluchi nationalism, Pakistan’s modernization and the Army are a combustible mix

Immersion Program Can a Ten-day Workshop for Madrassa Teachers make a Difference?

The Homebody: How Abdul Rashid Ghazi Wages Jihad From His Living Room

Dispatches from Bangladesh

Conflicting Interests: Islamic Fundamentalism and Militant Secularism in Bangladesh

Double Edged: Poverty, illiteracy and sectarianism flourish in southern Punjab

Proper Connections: Tear gas billows behind police officers at a contested roundabout in Lyari on May 13. Drugs and politics overlap in a Karachi neighborhood

The Good Son: How a Swiss-born, twice-married socialite became leader of the Muslims and formed the world’s largest, borderless welfare state

Stand-Off: Abdul Rashid Ghazi’s Last Days

Dinner Guest: Sharing a pillow with al-Qaeda

Burden of Proof: Benazir Bhutto Convinced the West that She Can Save Pakistan. But Can She Convince Her Own People?

The Middleman: Maulana Fazlur Rahman is considered the godfather of Mullah Omar’s Taliban. So why is the new generation of Taliban in Pakistan trying to kill him?

Martial Lawyers: Is Pervez Musharraf’s state of emergency a response — or a reaction — to his own modern vision?

Dispatches from Pakistan: Stumping with the Candidates