Leena Khan Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2001-2003 Fellowship Topic: Pakistani Women Fellowship Area: Pakistan Glimpses of a City by the Sea Women’s Action Forum (WAF): Women’s Activism and Politics in Pakistan Breaking the Silence on Sectarian Violence: Women Raise their Voices A Woman’s Call for Restraint, Reflection and Introspection A Time to Weave, A Time to Remember Hazara Refugee Women of Quetta: […]

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Nicholas Schmidle Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2006-2008 Fellowship Topic: Ethnic, sectarian, and national identity Fellowship Area: Pakistan Calling Home: A Story About the MQM in Pakistan Blood Brothers: The Sectarian Story in Pakistan Face-Off: Peacock Nationalism on the Pakistan-India Border Migration Season: The Taliban and their Expanding Influence in Pakistan Brand Games: Polo and Privatization in the Hindu Kush Mountains Reform School: […]

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Carol V. Rose Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1990 – 1992 Fellowship Area(s): Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Germany, England Afghanistan and Empire: A Historic Overview Afghanistan at the Crossroads” Internal Dimensions of War and Peace Berlin: In Search of History You Can’t Go Home Again Portrait of Peshawar What Money Can’t Buy: Refugee Assistance and Anti-Aanericanism Cultural Survival: The Tibetans in Nepal New […]

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