There was laughter, there were tears, many of them, along with singing and general regaling, at a reunion of fellows, trustees and friends at the Cosmos Club on November 19, 2022 to fete the institute’s longtime Executive Director Peter Bird Martin, who died last year. It was absolutely grand!


Remembering Peter reminded us and reinforced what the institute is all about, and the effect he and his wife Lu Martin have had on so many lives. Peter’s daughter Lucy Halter was there, along with Lu’s son Jim Sterling.

The evening also marked the establishment of the Peter Bird Martin Fellowship, whose inaugural fellow will be selected next year, with another every two years. Thanks to the very many who have contributed to its endowment, it will forever serve as a memorial to his legacy.



Second row, left to right: Chandler Rosenberger (trustee, Martin fellow), Paul Rahe (board chair, Martin fellow), Dasa Obereigner (Martin fellow), Bacete Bwogo (trustee, Martin fellow), Will Knowland (former fellow), John Robinson (Martin fellow), Kay Dilday (Martin fellow), Willy Foote (Martin fellow), Joe Battat (vice chair, Martin fellow), James Workman (Martin fellow), Rowland Robinson, Jim Sterling (son of Lu Martin). First row, left to right: Astha Rajvanshi (returning fellow), Cristina Duschek (Martin fellow), Joel Millman (Martin fellow), Pooja Bhatia (former fellow), Paula Williams (Martin fellow), Gregory Feifer (executive director, Martin fellow), Brenda Battat, Lucy Halter (daughter of Peter Martin), Martina Hrvolova