Fellowship Years: 1992-1994

Fellowship Topic: Privatization of the Russian Fishing Industry

Fellowship Area: Russia, Japan, Alaska


The Russian Point of View

Bureuacratic Turmoil Threatens the Russian Far East Fishery.

Privatization, Economic Chaos, and Crime Challenge Kamchatka’s Fishing Enterprises.

A Visit to Allimpex-Kamchatka

As Political and Economic Chaos Sweep Russia, The Far East Increasingly Seeks Its Own Way

An End To The Battle Of The Bureaucracies, And The Beginning Of A New Era Of Trials For The Russian Fishing Industry

Nomenklatura Dinosaurs in The New World of ‘Bizness’

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky’s Port Opens to Foreign Shipping, And Privatization Fever Sweeps the Fishing Industry.

Pacific Network: Opening A Window to the East

Right Side Steering Goes The Wrong Way For Far East Fishermen; The Mafia And Corruption Permeate Government, Industry

Driftnets, Ruined Spawning Grounds, And A Road GoingNowhere: The Disappearing Wealth of Kamchatka’s Salmon

High Airline Ticket Prices and Fuel Shortages Hold Kamchatka Hostage in the Cold Spring of 1993

Peanut Hole Pollock Politics

The New Federalism And Economic Self-Determination On Kamchatka

Signature Czars Get Rich While the Russian Far East Fishing Industry Suffers Through the Hard Summer of 1993


The Darker The Night: The Kamchatka Region In Decline, 1993

Political Chaos In Russia: Will Equal Representation Mean Equal Rights For Federal Subjects in the Russian Far East?

More Clout For Russia’s Provinces: Kamchatka And The Politics Of Resource Use On The Eve Of Elections, 1993

Kamchatka After Soviet Power; Will A New Constitution Mean A New Era Of Fisheries Management for the Provinces?

Of Purgas, Elections, Salmon Hatcheries, And Peanut Holes.

Bezylastia: Adrift at the Edge of Russia.