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Current Fellows

  • Tpec

    Update from Puerto Chiapas

    We just crossed the dreaded Gulf of Tehuantepec: the southernmost gulf in Pacific Mexico, where winds funnel out of the Caribbean, howling down across land to gobble up sailboats in the Pacific with 20-30′ waves. We grabbed our weather window and raced Prism on a double overnight to Puerto Chiapas. A great adventure and test ...
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  • Our Cal 39, Oleada, in calmer waters (the likes of which we never saw in the Pacific.) Oleada means swell, waves, upwelling, or uprising, in Spanish, depending on the context.

    Update from Zihuatanejo

    We are about to depart from Zihuatanejo. We have spent the past two days exploring and reprovisioning here. The town is unlike any we have seen yet, it somehow has the humm of a busy city and the quaintness and relaxed vibe of a coastal town. The bay itself is beautiful; steep, jungle-clad hills (mostly ...
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Past Fellows

  • Barlow Nadeau NYT Book Review

    In the Know – The Bonjour Effect

    The Bonjour Effect: The Secret Codes of French Conversation Revealed, the latest book on French language and culture from past ICWA Fellows Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau received a glowing review in The New York Times Book Review this week. Molly Young writes that The Bonjour Effect, the latest of Barlow and Nadeau’s several books on France ...
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  • Zilber Daily Beast Israel's Secret Weapon

    Israel’s Secret Weapon Against Terror

    The Daily Beast – In his latest article, past ICWA Fellow Neri Zilber examines an important and often overlooked factor that is contributing to the decline in violence in the West Bank, the work of the Palestinian Authority Security Forces.  The PASF cooperates with the Israel Defense Forces to contain Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has been and continues to ...
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