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Current Fellows

  • Art Dubai 2015 Contemporary Gallery w attribution

    Fast Times at Art Dubai

    May 2, 2016 I am in a Masarati speeding toward the dinner party of an Iranian collector. A publicist invited me an hour ago. The motor hums, gently massaging my back, as the car cruises past strip malls and warehouses that could be on the outskirts of LA. At the destination, strings of white light bulbs dangle ...
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  • Guyer Offending Art Nieman2

    2016 Excellence-in-Features Award — Jonathan Guyer

    The Society for Features Journalism has recognized ICWA Fellow Jonathan Guyer as the third-place winner for General Feature in its 2016 Excellence-in-Features Awards contest.  Guyer’s winning article, The Offending Art: Political Cartooning after the Charlie Hebdo Attacks, was published by Harvard’s Neiman Reports. In the piece, he explores the complexities of political cartooning after the Charlie Hebdo attacks ...
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Past Fellows

  • Tabler Quoted NYT

    Andrew Tabler Only Analyst Quoted in NYT Article on Assad Speech

    The New York Times – In a recent speech, Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad appeared to reject humanitarian relief and all attempts to peacefully end the civil war raging in the country. Past ICWA Fellow Andrew Tabler, now a Syria expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, was the sole analyst quoted in David E. Sanger ...
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  • Millman BBC Newshour

    BBC Newshour Interview

    BBC Newshour – Following the sinking of a migrant boat off the coast of Crete, past ICWA Fellow Joel Millman was interviewed on BBC’s Newshour.  Millman, a spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, spoke about the problem of overcrowding on migrant boats and Europe’s preparedness to deal with migration in a complex, global ...
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