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  • J-Pic

    A New Generation of Arab Comics

    Jonathan offers an crash course on Arab comic art in his review of the book Muqtatafat: A Comics Anthology Featuring Artists from the Middle East Region, by A. David Lewis, Anna Mudd, and Paul Beran.  In his essay, Jonathan discusses a new generation of comic artists in the Arab world and their innovative works, which appear online and in print. In explaining the ...
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  • Art Dubai 2015 Contemporary Gallery w attribution

    Fast Times at Art Dubai

    May 2, 2016 I am in a Masarati speeding toward the dinner party of an Iranian collector. A publicist invited me an hour ago. The motor hums, gently massaging my back, as the car cruises past strip malls and warehouses that could be on the outskirts of LA. At the destination, strings of white light bulbs dangle ...
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