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Current Fellows

  • pic7UtamakanBahasa

    Beginning Where I Began

    In the 2008 edition of the Lonely Planet guidebook, the village of Majene falls near the fold of the map, but is not mentioned anywhere else in that edition. I made this observation in July of that same year, having just learned I would be spending my next nine months there. As I didn’t speak any ...
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  • STE-9pic7

    Paying Respects In Dhofar

    PAYING RESPECTS IN DHOFAR   …we had discovered a real paradise in the wilderness, which will be a rich prize for the civilized nation which is enterprising enough to appropriate it. –Theodore Bent, F.R.G.S., F.S.A. in Southern Arabia 276   …our war with colonialism, brother, is a long one. –Dhofar Liberation Front radiobroadcast, March 1967 (318)   “Where’s the grave of the Indian ...
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Past Fellows

  • 01kristof-master768

    Cheng Li Quoted by Nicholas Kristoff

    Past Fellow and past Trustee Cheng Li was just cited by Nicholas Kristof in his New York Times column on dubious endorsements received by Donald Trump. Quote: Likewise, many Chinese leaders would like to see a Trump victory, according to Cheng Li, an expert on Chinese politics at the Brookings Institution. The Chinese leaders apparently ...
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  • Pramila Jayapal

    Past ICWA Fellow & Trustee Pramila Jayapal Sweeps Washington open primary

    Pramila is poised to make history!  Past ICWA Fellow and Trustee Pramila Jayapal won the Washington State primary election for the seventh Congressional District (Seattle and environs.)   If Pramila prevails she wins the November general election, she would become the first Indian American woman elected to the US House of Representatives. Pramila was born in ...
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