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Current Fellows

  • JG4featured

    Egypt’s Intellectual Situation

    September 17, 2015 Painter Adel El-Siwi leads me through his workspace on the fourth floor of a downtown Cairo apartment building. His hands, cargo shorts, pink T-shirt, and Crocs are splattered with paint. Shelves of art, literature, and philosophy books reach the high ceiling. Across the corridor, massive canvases face the wall like unopened presents. Tubes of paint ...
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  • Puerto Escondido Drive

    Hurricane Linda

    We are still in Puerto Escondido, or more accurately Nopolo. We have been taken in by a couple I met when I drove from La Paz to San Diego to meet Josh and sail the coast. She and her husband retired here and they have been a literal port in the storm for us. Hurricane Linda ...
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Past Fellows

  • Tabler Best Bad Idea

    Best Bad Idea for America in Syria

    CNN – In his latest article, Andrew Tabler writes about the deteriorating situation in Syria. Four years after the crisis began Syria is the world’s largest generator of Sunni-Shia extremism, both Russia and Iran are moving into the country militarily and the possible courses of action for the United States in Syria continue to worsen. According to Tabler, ...
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  • Fairbanks Love Last

    To Make Love Last, What If We Should Stop Working so Hard?

    The Washington Post – In a recent post at PostEverything, past Fellow Eve Fairbanks muses on making love last. She describes the rising trend of articles that serve as how-to manuals for falling and staying in love, but wonders, after a trip to Kenya, if such concerted efforts really are the key to a successful romantic life.  This latest ...
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