Andrew Tabler quoted in Buzzfeed article

Former ICWA Fellow Andrew Tabler, a Syria expert often quoted in news articles, was recently quoted in the Buzzfeed piece titled: “The White House’s Warning To Syria Was Kept Close — But Not From Russia.” Here is Tabler’s quote: ““I think it is part of a Syria policy. I think the administration is clear that the use of

Pramila Jayapal in Mother Jones

Former ICWA Fellow Pramila Jayapal is the subject of the new Mother Jones article, “She Didn’t Pick the Resistance. The Resistance Picked Her. Now She’s One of Trump’s Most Fearless Opponents.”  The article highlights Jayapal’s splash into Congress, standing up to Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban and making her mark.  Read the

Cheng Li quoted in Bloomberg Politics

Former ICWA fellow Cheng Li of the Brookings Institution was recently quoted in Bloomberg Politics in the article “China’s Xi Mines State Firms for Political Jobs Before Reshuffle.”  Below are Li’s quotes: “There is a wider variety of options for Xi to choose his people from,” said Li, who last year published “Chinese

Andrew Tabler quoted in Politico

Andrew Tabler, former ICWA fellow and Syria expert, was recently quoted in a Politico article titled “Trump still doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with Assad.”  Below is Tabler’s quote: “What’s striking about the string of recent clashes is that the United States has been provoked by offensive actions taken by Iranian-allied

Former ICWA Fellow Willy Foote Interviews Swanee Hunt

Willy Foote recently interviewed former Ambassador Swanee Hunt, which can be seen in this video.  Take a look at the following description, provided by the WGBH forum: “Former Ambassador Swanee Hunt interviewed more than 90 Rwandan people to learn how Rwanda has healed since the terrible 1994 genocide—and has come to hold the highest rank in

Follow Malia Politzer’s Article Reviews

Malia Politzer, Past ICWA Fellow, has been regularly reviewing news articles on  To follow her thoughts on these pieces, click here for her page, and here for her most recent review on a Huffington Post article.

Jonathan Guyer wins SFJ Award

Jonathan Guyer has won third prize for arts and entertainment commentary in the Society for Features Journalism’s 2017 Excellence in Features awards. Jonathan was recognized for his work about art and comics in the Middle East. Guyer is one of the rising experts on art and satire in the Middle East. Guyer was a Fellow with the Institute of Current

Former Fellow Andrew Rice in New York Magazine

Former ICWA Fellow Andrew Rice was recently published in New York Magazine with an article titled: “Is Trump Inc. the President’s Greatest Vulnerability?” The article discusses how Trump’s business ties may spell trouble for his presidency.  Whether it involves conflicts of interests with his own company, or those he supports (including