Alexander J. Brenner Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2003 – 2005

Fellowship Area(s): China

Who’s Worrying about SARS, and Why

The Feel-Good Gap

The Ikea-Man Cometh: Globalization and the Creation of a Chinese Middle Class

Take A Number: Peasants, Urbanites and the Greatest Migration

Migrants and the Dangers of Namelessness, Part 1

Migrants and the Dangers of Namelessness, Part 2

The Expert and the Imperialist: China Views the West

From Chaos To Kosmo: Globalization and the Search for “Scientific” Standards

From Forever to L.A.: On the Brink of “Car Society”

About the Author

Director of Research and Analysis, GreenPoint Group, a U.S.-China Strategic Advisory Firm. His work is informed by years of experience on the ground in China and a broad record of research and writing about contemporary Chinese issues.