Fellowship Years: 1980 – 1981

Fellowship Area(s): Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines

Manila: Barbed Wire and Bougainvillea

When in Thailand, It’s Mai Pen Rai

Are You a Dek or a Phoo Yai?

Multi-National Missions: The Medium and the Message

Riding The Rails: Bangkok to Butterworth

Western Hospital — Cambodian Healer

Refugee Medicine California-Style: Monks, Shamen and a Dash of Spirits

Eva Hartog Has Her Doubts

And No Fire Was Coming Down From Heaven

Success is Eating Three Meals a Day

Dacca: Before The Tourists Come

The Flood Room

Citizens of Nowhere: The Biharis of Bangladesh

Geneva: An International City, Refugee Style

Guilin: A Visit to Another World

Down the Li River: Seagrass from the Desert and Other Tall Tales from the Chinese