Carol V. Rose Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1990 – 1992 Fellowship Area(s): Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Germany, England Afghanistan and Empire: A Historic Overview Afghanistan at the Crossroads” Internal Dimensions of War and Peace Berlin: In Search of History You Can’t Go Home Again Portrait of Peshawar What Money Can’t Buy: Refugee Assistance and Anti-Aanericanism Cultural Survival: The Tibetans in Nepal New […]

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Camilla J. Wilson Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1980 – 1981 Fellowship Area(s): Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines Manila: Barbed Wire and Bougainvillea When in Thailand, It’s Mai Pen Rai Are You a Dek or a Phoo Yai? Multi-National Missions: The Medium and the Message Riding The Rails: Bangkok to Butterworth Western Hospital — Cambodian Healer Refugee Medicine California-Style: Monks, Shamen and a […]

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David Binder Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1957 – 1960 Fellowship Area(s): Germany Stubborn City: First Impressions No More Nationalism: Giessen’s Primary Schools Unbuttoning the Strait-Jacket: Giessen’s High Schools The Gothic Labyrinth: Giessen’s Other Schools Eberhard The Incorrigible: An Educational Tale Church Freedom and a Free Church: Giessen’s Lutherans. Part I Church Freedom and a Free Church: Giessen’s Lutherans. Part II When […]

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