Fellowship Years: 1963 – 1964

Fellowship Area(s): India, Pakistan, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Japan

Power, Persuasion, and Influence

“Voluntary” Controls A Policy of Persuasion?

Frustration and Miscellany

U.S. Policy in Sukarnoland

Rumination on Foreign Aid

Foreign Policy in the Indus Basin: The Mangla Dam

Pakistan Interview

“Counterpart Funds”, A Wasting Asset

India – Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Middle East Reflections or Egypt – The Hungry Giant

Arab Viewpoints

East and Central Africa – Decade of Development or Disaster

Nationalism, Socialism, and Free Enterprise

Dream Dialogues

U.N. Financing – A Banking Opportunity

Cigars and Socialism

Conversations on a Park Bench

Citizens of a Superpower- special report