Fellowship Years: 1992 – 1994

Fellowship Area(s): Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos


Where do these people come from?

Good Morning Saigon

Hanoi Inc. or a “mutating kind of communism”

Swim or sink Learning about the flee-market Vietnamese style

Into the Boat Country -1 – The obsession of rice

Into the Boat Country -2 Raising fish and beating the odds on socialism

Our friends the Vietnamese Nothing works if it is not grounded in reality

Gaining markets but loosing health? (Part 1) No free lunch in Vietnamese hospitals

Gaining markets but loosing health? (Part 2) Too many baby elephants, not enough grass OR Sex, rice and development

Whose land is it anyway? (Part 1) Vietnamese peasants play poker with communism and get ready to play monopoly

Tiptoeing through Laos A chronicle of fat turkeys, Thai banks, and hydroelectric dams

Here come the B-52’s of Foreign Aid – The World Bank, IMF, ADB, ODA, are carpet bombing their way through Vietnam. Will the dikes hold?

Motorcycles and the art of tax evasion in a market-socialist state

Traveling with a revolutionary- Part 1

Traveling with a revolutionary- Part 2

Dong, dollar or gold? – Part 1: Countdown To Vietnam’s First Stock Exchange

Dong, dollar or gold? – Part 2: Banking in Socialist Vietnam- a changing scene

Vietnamese Media Ride and Economic Boom and the censors take a back seat

Censors hit the Brakes Lifting of the embargo brings bad news to Vietnamese media

Going for broke in the Mekong delta – How the next Southeast Asian war may be fought over water

Feminism comes to Vietnam Are Vietnamese women losing to market reforms

Picnic in Angkor-Illusions of peace

Vietnamese-Australians want a role in Vietnam’s future but they may want too much, too fast

What if communism began to crumble soon after the fall of Saigon?

Is it an NGO? Is it a civil society? Is it pluralism wriggling along?

Guns are Out, Spiritual War is in. Vietnamese-Americans look for ways to foster democracy in Vietnam