Fellowship Years: 1991 – 1994

Fellowship Area(s): Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, England

Diamonds and democracy in Botswana

A hitchhiker’s guide to the cows and crops of Botswana

Odds and ends of Botswana experience

A Bushman’s land is worth many cattle in the bush

Namibia’s victorious “returnees” live more like refugees

Just north of the Tropic of Controversy

National reconciliation and the land question in Namibia

In the Twilight (Zone) of Apartheid: Walvis Bay

Beating around the Bushmen a controversy revisited

Drought and the politics of hunger

If it’s written in English, is it really African literature?

The guns may be silent in Mozambique, but…

The more you learn the less you know re-thinking how to farm

A trip down the Beira Corridor ofMozambique

Nothing you ever wanted to know about Lesotho, part one of five

Crossing the gender line in Zimbabwe

Close encounters of the furry kind

Democracy in the ashes of a dictatorship?

Think (capitalist) and grow rich

The opening of Malawi society

The difference between theory and reality in Malawa

Witches and healers in southern Africa

Southern Africa’s orphans

Zimbabwe, then and now

Life after ICWA