Southern Africa

James Workman Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2001-2003 Fellowship Topic: Southern Africa Water Issues Fellowship Area: Nambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botwana, South Africa, Egypt, Lesotho Water Meter Wars: Privatization, Protests and Renegade Plumbers Knifing Opportunists: The Struggle to Fill the Vacuum Africa’s First Regulated River Smuggling for the San: Water as a Weapon in the Central Kalahari Rules of the Game: Rifles, Rhino and […]

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Casey C. Kelso Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1991 – 1994 Fellowship Area(s): Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, England Diamonds and democracy in Botswana A hitchhiker’s guide to the cows and crops of Botswana Odds and ends of Botswana experience A Bushman’s land is worth many cattle in the bush Namibia’s victorious “returnees” live more like refugees Just north of the Tropic […]

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