Fellowship Years: 1961 – 1964

Fellowship Area(s): USA, Ghana, Nigeria, England

What is Africa to me?

Africa in London

The Second Coming of Jomo

The Unique Bereavement of Kenneth Kaunda

Issues in Lagos

The Sardauna of Sokoto

“The Brotherhood of Blackness”

Anniversaries, Emergencies and Teething Troubles

Catholicism and Its Nigerian Intellectuals

The First International Congress of Africanists

Nigeria’s One and Only Tiger

“Tiger don kill am”

The Brotherhood of Blackness II

The Weaning of an African University

Is Ebony Really an Instrument of Cultural Imperialism?

Nigerianizing, De-Anglicizing and Americanizing

The Politics of Population in Nigeria

From Oyo to Cambridge and Back

Harold Issacs Revisited