Bowden S. Quinn Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1980 – 1982 Fellowship Area(s): Senegal, Gambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Sierra Leone Africa Revisited The New Curriculum The Failing System Mean Streets Students in Command Obstacles to Education Ndanka, Ndanka Rural Education Politics and Education My Little Brother A Last Look at The Gambia Primary and Secondary Education in Senegal and The […]

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Barbara Harrell-Bond Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1977 – 1983 Fellowship Area(s): Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea – Bissau, Western Sahara, Sudan Native and Non-Native in Sierra Leone Law Local Languages And Literacy In West Africa A Window On An Outside World: Tourism As Development In The Gambia Freedom Of The Press In Nigeria: The Debate Politics In Ghana, 1978 ECOWAS: The […]

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Charles J. Patterson Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1961 – 1964 Fellowship Area(s): USA, Ghana, Nigeria, England What is Africa to me? Africa in London The Second Coming of Jomo The Unique Bereavement of Kenneth Kaunda Issues in Lagos The Sardauna of Sokoto “The Brotherhood of Blackness” Anniversaries, Emergencies and Teething Troubles Catholicism and Its Nigerian Intellectuals The First International Congress of Africanists Nigeria’s […]

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