Fellowship Years: 1953 – 1955

Fellowship Area(s): Kenya, Congo, Tanzania, Tanganyika

First Impressions

Detribalized African

Samburu Safari

Kenyatta et al. Court of Appeal for Eastern Africa

Conference of Kenya. Electors’ Union

Makueni…Kenya’s Black Settlers

Boycott and Indian Policy

Tanganyikan District I

Tanganyikan District II

“The Indian Problem”

European Policy Split and Other Developments

Notes on Kikuyuland

Northern Frontier

Zanzibar I

Zanzibar II. Arab Nationalist

Up Kilimanjaro

Kenya Coast Arabs

Kenya Experiment in Multi-Racial Government

St. George and The Dragnet

Dini ya Msambwa I. The Bukusu and The Suk

Dini ya Msambwa II. People

Dini ya Msambwa III. Nativism

Zanzibar Arabs – I. Nationalism Intensifies

Zanzibar Arabs II. People and Prospects

The Mountains of the Moon

Multi-Racial Government: European Unity Shatters

Indians and Multi-Racial Government

Kenya Trade Unions

Report on Mau Mau

The Little Man’s Burden

Islam in Kenya. The Khoja Ismilis

Islam in Kenya. General Observations

European Political and Mau Mau Developments

The Rise of Mau Mau I

The Rise of Mau Mau II

Congo Elephants

Pigmy Hunt

The Italians Leave Africa

Down The Congo

The Exceptional African……A Comparison of Policies with those of the Congo

Notes on Nigeria I

Notes on Nigeria II

Reflections of a Generalist