Anthony R. Dicks Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1963 – 1968 Fellowship Area(s): China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao Chinese Law: An Inheritance? Exploratory Talks with Mr. Lu Sinologues in Turin The China Trade Revisited Chinese Attitudes to International Law Staying in Hong Kong A New Leaf Sun v. Wang: an Undivorce May Day in Peking A Discourse on Arbitration The Needle’s Eye Sick […]

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David E. Reed Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1953 – 1955 Fellowship Area(s): Kenya, Congo, Tanzania, Tanganyika First Impressions Detribalized African Samburu Safari Kenyatta et al. Court of Appeal for Eastern Africa Conference of Kenya. Electors’ Union Makueni…Kenya’s Black Settlers Boycott and Indian Policy Tanganyikan District I Tanganyikan District II “The Indian Problem” European Policy Split and Other Developments Notes on Kikuyuland Northern Frontier […]

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A. Doak Barnett Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1947 – 1955 Fellowship Area(s): South East Asia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China Flight to and First Impressions of India With PT to Delhi, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Madras Bangkok, Siam and Arrival in China Shanghai National Election New Constitution Siyuan Province; Paotow, Kweisui and Kalgan Peiping and Municipal Government Pa Chia Ts’un Village Student Opinions and […]

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