Fellowship Years: 1967-1971

Fellowship Topic: The Territories of Papua New Guinea; Solomon Islands; Irian Barat

Fellowship Area: Papua, New Guinea

Papua and New Guinea: An Introduction

The End of “Administration”?

Death of a Politician

“Tok Pisin”

The Formation of Parties

Politics in a Primitive Area

The Mount Hagen Show

Goroka Market

Return to Kokoda

Party Time Again

Alcohol and Social Structure

The 1968 Elections-I: Background

The 1968 Elections-II: Preparations

The 1968 Elections-III: Campaigning

The 1968 Elections-IV: The Candidates

The American Image

Boana Junction?

Do New Guineans Count?

New Guinea English: “Yielding to the Studical Means”

Race Relations I: Two Systems of Law

West Irian I: The Bird of Paradise State University

Tari A-While: With the Flowers in Their Hair

Gamu Ena Dava Kara

Dead Pigs: An Essay on the Irrelevance of development

The B.S.I.P.: Prologue

On Coming to One’s Census

Games People Flay


The B.S.I.P.-II: The Significance of Protectorate Status

Self-Government in Papua Guinea: New Coming, Ready or Not