Fellowship Years: 1941 – 1942

Fellowship Area(s): Argentina, Peru

En Route to Buenos Aires on the SS Argentina

Arrival in Buenos Aires; off to Mendoza

Getting Settled in Mendoza; Introduction to the University of Mendoza

Christmas in the Argentine

A Look at the Province of Mendoza

Earthquakes; Vineyards; People

Newspapers; Magazines; a Visit to Junin

Impressions of Junin; Argentine Education; Visit to Santa Fe

The Argentine Corn Crop

Don Santiago; Estancia El Deseado

Political Activities; Visit to Cordoba

Visit to Venado Tuerto

The Plaza Mayo; in Cordoba, the ICANA

A Student in the School of Economic Sciences of the National University of Cordoba

Changing Attitudes of Young Argentines

Local Political, Social and Economic Thinking

Author’s Comment on the People of the Argentine

The “Little People” of the Argentine

Resume of Ingenieros’ Observations on Argentina’s Sociological Evolution

University of Cordoba- “Bull Session”

“Sequel to a Bull Session”

Visit to Tucuman

The Chaco

Development Lag in the Argentine

Summary of Impressions on Leaving Cordoba

Foreign “Colonies” in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires to Lima by Air

Brief Comment on Lima and Peru

From Lima to the United States, Returning

Summary Comments