Fellowship Years: 1990-1991

Fellowship Topic: Lithuania, East European and Soviet affairs

Fellowship Area: Lithuania

Lithuania Declares Independence from the USSR

What Price Lithuanian Independence?


Views on America

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The Pain of Nation-Building

A Fax from Vilnius.

“Who is Husak?”

“April 30, 1991 One Day in the life of Vvtautas Landsbergis”

“On Critics and Criticisms: Vytautas Landsbergis Speaks”

“What’s In A Name?”

“The Aftermath Picking up the Pieces”

“Newlywed Adventures”

“Rummages in the National Soul”

“The Toughest Job in Moscow”

“Home Sweet Home”

“Pilgrimage to Lomza”

“Brezhnev’s Villa”

“Murder at Medininkai”