Eastern Europe

Ina L. Navazelskis Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1990-1991 Fellowship Topic: Lithuania, East European and Soviet affairs Fellowship Area: Lithuania Lithuania Declares Independence from the USSR What Price Lithuanian Independence? Untitled Views on America Two Steps Forward, One Step Back The Pain of Nation-Building A Fax from Vilnius. “Who is Husak?” “April 30, 1991 One Day in the life of Vvtautas Landsbergis” “On Critics […]

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Lana L. Hall Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1983-1985 Fellowship Topic: Agricultural Policy and Practice in Eastern Europe Fellowship Area: Austria, Hungary, Germany, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania untitled Hungary and the CMEA Exporting American Grains to Eastern Europe Private and Social Farms in Slovenia Two Cooperative Farms in Northwestern Hungary The Food Situation in Romania The Search for Profits in Socialist Agriculture Agricultural Research and […]

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Anatole Shub Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1962 – 1963 Fellowship Area(s): Europe, Russia Prejudices & Impressions Nationalism and Economics A Place to Live Tourism: 1 The Record and the Plans Tourism: 2 Problems and Implications A Week in Budapest The Staatsoper Tito Speaks His Mind Kulturkampf — or Shadow Debate? Views of Prague Our Southern Neighbor The Locksmith’s Tears To Warsaw […]

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