Saudi “philanthrocapitalism” in Indonesian educational spaces

JAKARTA, Indonesia — An entourage of 1,500 people, consisting of more than 800 delegates, 25 princes and 10 ministers. Over 500 tons of cargo, including two Mercedes Benz limousines and two electric elevators. Seven planes. All for a one-week trip to Indonesia. The grandeur of the proposed visit by King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, the monarch of

Former Fellow Cheng Li on China’s Upcoming Party Congress

Former Fellow Cheng Li (China, 1993-1995) discusses the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) upcoming 19th Party Congress in a series on the Brookings website. The page, “which will be updated throughout the 19th Party Congress, features research and analysis from Brookings experts, who unpack the trends and signals that are most essential to

Preet Bharara Wants to Inform Listeners About the Law With His New Podcast

Former Fellow Andrew Rice (Uganda, 2002-2004) wrote an article published by New York Magazine regarding former U.S Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, and his new podcast Stay Tuned with Preet. “Earlier this year, under circumstances that are still somewhat mysterious, Bharara was fired by President Donald Trump. Upon

Former Fellow Hansen on Going Local

Former Fellow Suzy Hansen (Turkey, 2007-2009) wrote an article published by The New York Times Magazine regarding the possibility, as a foreigner, to experience a country as its people do. Hansen remarks that “authenticity in travel, taking in a culture on its own terms, has become an increasingly implausible endeavor, but it’s still a popular