Fellowship Years: 2000-2002

Fellowship Topic: National and Private Parks in Chile and Argentina

Fellowship Area: Argentina, Chile

The Race for Machu Picchu

Initial Impressions of Chile

The Futaleufú River – Part 1: To be or not to be damned?

Chile’s Temperate Rainforest: A Critical Review of a Proposal To Turn Native Forests into Wood Chips

Puyehue National Park

Tourism in Chile

Exploring La Puna: A Tale of Two Gateway Communities

Pumalín Park

Torres del Paine National Park -“El Parque de Los Parques”

The Futaleufú River Still Dam, Free and Wild in Chile

Yendegaia and El Rincon: More Parks from the Exprit Guy

El Cañi Forest Sanctuary: A New Model for Chile

Lanín National Park: Of Mice and Money

Easter Island’s Rapa Nui National Park: Fragile Tie Between Past and Present

Taking Stock of Chile’s Valdivian Temperate Rainforest: Developing Incentives to Encourage Private-Sector Conservation.

Cultivating an Environmental Ethic after 20 Years of Pino-chill

Paraná Subtropical Rainforest: Putting the Pieces Back Together via a Three-nation “Green Corridor”

Hippies, Ballot and I Ching: Connecting with the Land in Argentine Patagonia

Chile’s Indigenous Mapuche at…“War”

Landscape that Inspired Patagonia, Inc., Slated for Protection by its Former CEO

Making Sense of the Chilean Salmon Industry: Economic Boom or Environmental Doom?

Farewell to Chile: Hasta la Vista Fences and Foxes

What’s Worthwhile?