Peter Keller Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2000-2002 Fellowship Topic: National and Private Parks in Chile and Argentina Fellowship Area: Argentina, Chile The Race for Machu Picchu Initial Impressions of Chile The Futaleufú River – Part 1: To be or not to be damned? Chile’s Temperate Rainforest: A Critical Review of a Proposal To Turn Native Forests into Wood Chips Puyehue National Park […]

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Frances Foland Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1967 – 1969 Fellowship Area(s): Brazil, Chile, Mexico Guyana: A Developing Nation Amazônia: Tin in Rodônia Amazônia: The Pace of Life Amazônia: The Domain of Water Amazônia: The Rubber Cycle Amazônia: The Hylean Forest Amazônia: the Contribution of the Japanese Northeast Brazil: The Archbishop of Recife and Olinda Brazil: Recife, FALSE Gem of the Northeast […]

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