Fellowship Years: 1998-2000

Fellowship Topic: Turkey’s role as a nexus between east and west and traditional and secular Islam.

Fellowship Area: Turkey

Rowing Through the Byzantium and Further Initiatory Misadventures Among Young Turks

Races with Wolfs

Macedonian Questions

Welcome to Bulgaria 2000

What Makes the Wolves Howl and What are they Howling For?

The Meaning of Virtue: A Fresh Start for Political Islam in Turkey?

Forty-five Seconds of Hell

A Veiled Threat: Who’s Afraid of Konca Kurish?

Homo Turkicus: Welcome to Europe

Divided Cyprus: No Exit?

2000 A Sheep Sacrifice

Part I – The Spotted Owls of Kosovo: The Kosovo Turks

Part II – The Kosovo Turks: Twilight of an Ottoman Time Capsule?

Constantinople’s Last Stand

Shall the Eagle Lie Down with the Lion?

Iran and Turkey: The Yin and Yang of the Islamic World

Sex and the Sexes in the Islamic Republic

The State of the Theocracy After 21 Years in Power