Whitney Mason Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1998-2000 Fellowship Topic: Turkey’s role as a nexus between east and west and traditional and secular Islam. Fellowship Area: Turkey Rowing Through the Byzantium and Further Initiatory Misadventures Among Young Turks Races with Wolfs Macedonian Questions Welcome to Bulgaria 2000 What Makes the Wolves Howl and What are they Howling For? The Meaning of Virtue: A […]

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Katherine Roth Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1993-1995 Fellowship Topic: Tradition and Modernity in the Arab World. Fellowship Area: Saudi Arabia, France, Algeria, Yemen, Egypt Untitled Things in Algeria are seldom what they seem It was the unlikeliest of reunions Welcome to the wild west of Algeria Islam and women Arabization Changing Times in Cairo Turning inward Islamists: My first six months Out […]

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