Fellowship Years: 1995-1997

Fellowship Topic: The Impact of free-market reforms on Mexico’s people, society and politics

Fellowship Area: Mexico

First Impressions: Mexico Prepares for Day of Dead in Critical Condition

Cronicle of a Vote Forsold

Water Degradation in Morelia: Got Problems? Find a Wishing Well

The Curse of the Rio Grande: Contaminated Irrigation in the Valley of Querendaro

Poking Around Morelia’s Garbage: Clanging bells, awful smells, and other trashy stories

Filling Cracks and Hammering: Portraits from the Workshops of Mexican Civil Society

Running with the Coyotes: Mexico’s Campesinos Compete to Persevere Not Disappear

Tourist Traps and Housing Flaps: The Unsettling Settlers of Monte Alban

Solving the Sewage Crisis’ Oaxaca City: Between High-tech Machines and Compost Latrines

Into the Chimalapas: Journey to a Jungle of Conflict

The Resurrection of Oaxacan Spirits: Modernizing the mescal industry in southern Mexico

The Land that Cried Blood: Rebuilding the kingdom of cochineal in Oaxaca

On A Crash Course With Modernity: Privatizing Mexico’s national railroad system

A City Under Siege: How Street Vendors Captured Mexico’s Capital

A Struggle for Power: Mexico City Flickers into the 21st Century.

Mexico’s Troubled Toll Roads

The Business of Buses: Modernizing public transport in Mexico City

The Separated Brothers

It’s Only Water

The Four C’s

Banking on the Border: Can we clean up our mess?