Adam Smith Albion Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1994 – 1997

Fellowship Area(s): Turkey, Uzbekistan, China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Romania

First Thoughts — Herodotus


Black Sea Coast–Trabzon: football, hamsi


Spies, Free Trade and Borders

The Voice of the People

Travels in Romania, Moldova and Gagauzia

Ukraine Dial 3

Crimean Diary

Send in the Turks

Summer Reading

Three Trabzon Tales

Alma-Ata or Tashkent?

The Different Faces of Tashkent

Tamerlane Rides Again

My House in Samarkand

Through the Torugart Pass

The Warriors for Uighurstan

Silk, Pomegranates and Dancing

Talk of the Town

Sardoba Hunters, Part 1

Sardoba Hunters, Part II

Tales of the Turkmen Desert

Projections from the Heartland


About the Author

Program Director of the South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA). Previously he built and directed two parallel organizations for Central Eurasia and the Middle East. He serves a member of the advisory board of the Museum of Islamic Art (Pergamon Museum) in Berlin.