Fellowship Years: 1992 – 1995

Fellowship Area(s): Cuba, Costa Rica, India

“Just” a Clue about the Cuban Primary Health Care Delivery System

Community Participation in Primary Health Care

The Role of the Mass Organizations in Primary Health Care

Rural Health Service” The Cuban Family Doctor in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, Part I

Health Care in Child-care Centers in Santiago de Cuba, Part II

Training of Primary Care Physicians in Cuba

Life in Cuba Doesn’t get much Easier

Costa Rica: The Ticos

Everywhere I go People ask me: Are you from Limon?

Re-visiting Cuba a Second Time

Costa Rican Election: Pura Vida!

What Happened to Primary Care Services in Talamanca Region?

Costa Rica Contra el Dengue: But Clean Up Puntarenas!

The Wretched Lives of Young Limonnenses” Who Cares?

Disappearing Health Care in Talamanca

Medical Care in a Tropical Clinic in Talamanca

Sweltering Heat, Polution and Chaotic Traffic

Kerala: The Beauty is Skin-deep

Plague in India” Could a Furore Out-break be Prevented?