Pramila Jayapal Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1994-1996 Fellowship Topic: Social Issues involving Religion, the status of Women, Population and AIDS Fellowship Area: India The Changing Face of India Kerala: A Development Model? Part I Kerala: A Development Model? Part II Uttar Pradesh: Redefining the Challenges Ladakh: Land of High Passes, Part I- Tourism: Savior or Destroyer?

Cynthia M. Caron Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1994 – 1996 Fellowship Area(s): India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan For a Cleaner and Greener Kathmandu Valley Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon An Introduction to Jigme Dorji National Park Encounters in the Western Regions of Jigme Dorji National Park Yak and Cattle Management in Jigme Dorji National Park Festivals and Families

Bacete Othwonh Bwogo Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1992 – 1995 Fellowship Area(s): Cuba, Costa Rica, India “Just” a Clue about the Cuban Primary Health Care Delivery System Community Participation in Primary Health Care The Role of the Mass Organizations in Primary Health Care Rural Health Service” The Cuban Family Doctor in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, Part I Health

Granville S. Austin Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1960 – 1966 Fellowship Area(s): India Initial Difficulties India: Notes Not Quite at Random India: One Morning in Delhi India: The Diviners India: No Home Runs in Bombay India: Diwali India: It Ain’t Necessarily so England: A House in the Country Divide and Lose England in Nutshells India: Delhi again India: Nehru India:

Walter D. Friedenberg Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1956-1960 Fellowship Topic: Fellowship Area: India, Russia, Afghanistan New York to Lahore: Doing It the Hard Way Fighting in Suez: Pakistan Pops Off Jhelum District Kashmir via Pakistan The Vistor From China The Congress: The Gathering of the Clan The Election: Tramways and Tigers The People’s Choice The Elections: Victory and

Warren Unna Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1958-1959 Fellowship Topic: Arguments for Neutrality and Non-Alignment Fellowship Area: Israel, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Finland, Denmark, Ireland The Fiftieth

A. Doak Barnett Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1947 – 1955 Fellowship Area(s): South East Asia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China Flight to and First Impressions of India With PT to Delhi, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Madras Bangkok, Siam and Arrival in China Shanghai National Election New Constitution Siyuan Province; Paotow, Kweisui and Kalgan Peiping and Municipal Government

Richard Morse Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1946 – 1950 Fellowship Area(s): India Flight from New York to New Delhi; Plane Companions First Impressions of India; Future Program Plans The Tribal Area’s Underlying Problem; the “Pathan” Race Shahpur District; Its Rural Economy Amritsar District; North Indian Village Life Bombay Interviews; Tata, Laud, Mehta, Premchand