Fellowship Years: 1952 – 1957

Fellowship Area(s): Indonesia, Netherlands

My Friend Omah

Indonesia’s National Language

The October 17 Crisis

Pekadjangan Village

Islam in Pekadjangan

The Bandung ECAFE Conference

President Sukarno and the Islamic State

The Muda Mudi

Sumatra: Isle of Hope

“Progress”: Official Business

The Girls of Kroe

Stone Age Village

The Indonesian Election Law

The Wilopo Cabinet Falls

A New Cabinet for Indonesia

The Medan Ulama Conference

Daud Beureueh — Lion of Atjeh

Pride, Privacy and Research

Revolt in Atjeh

Current History and the News

Sukarno Speaks

Indonesian Communism: The Ranks Swell

Indonesian Communism: Friends and Allies

Segan, a Word to Ponder

Muslim Radicalism: The Anti-Communist Front

Jeep Ride Through Java

Indonesia and the Bandung Conference

Dr. Halim’s Open Letter

Another Army Crisis in Indonesia

Village Notebook I

Village Notebook II: What to Believe In?

Election Eve in Indonesia

The Silent Election

Village Notebook III: The Selamatan

Unofficial Election Results

Village Notebook IV: The Sugar Decision


Village Notebook V

Indonesia’s Chinese Puzzle

Red Surabaya

Modj okerto I

The Fall of the Copra Foundation

Macassar, June 14

Army Smuggling, North Sumatra

Bhinekka Tunggal Ika

Vest Pocket Indonesian Dictionary

Holland I, Marl Andriessen

America Through Young Dutch Eyes

Indonesia: The Continuing Revolution