Fellowship Years: 1961 – 1966

Fellowship Area(s): China, England, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Nepal, Thailand, Switzerland, Philippines, Israel, Macao

A.A.A.S. Symposium on Chinese Science: Part I: Background Information

A.A.A. S. Symposium on Chinese Science: Part II: China’s Scientific Revolution

Stirrings of British Interest in Chinese Science

On Learning Chinese

Two Interiors: China and a Geophysical Analogy

Hong Kong’s Water Problem

MACAO: A Tourist’s Eye View

Some Aspects of the Hong Kong Refugee Problem

A Chinese Conference on Tectonics

Science in Hong Kong I

Science in Hong Kong II: Science and Government

Science in Hong Kong III: Science and Industry

Science in Hong Kong IV: Conclusions and Prospects

UNSCAT Was one scientist in the bush worth two in Geneva

Science in Israel I: Glimpses and Impressions

Science in Israel II: Some Comparisons with Hong Kong

Conference on Asian-Pacific Science Information Center

OECD Scientific Directorate

Hong Kong’s Continuing Water Problem

Science in Asia: An Introduction

Science in the Philippines I: of Science Organization

Science in the Philippines II: Problems and Opinions

Science in the Philippines III: Science and Education

Science, Industrial Research and Government in Malaysia

Scientific Development in Thailand

Nepal and Foreign Aid

Science in India I: V.I.P. For a Week

The Chinese Trade Exhibition in Japan: Pictorial Report

Notes on interviews and attitudes in Japan

Scientific Choice in Japan I: The Advisers

Scientific Choice in Japan II: Imported Technology Versus Domestic Research

Japan and International Science. Opposition to the Japanese: American Cooperation Project

The Peking Science Symposium

Science in India II: New Leather from Old Cows

That elusive visa to China

China Miscellanea

The Scientific Revolution and China

Religious Encounters in China

Visits to Chinese Schools

Visits to Chinese Universities

Visits to Chinese Research Institutes and Scientific Instrument Factories

The Peking Science Symposium Part II

Shanghai Episodes

Conversations with Communist Chinese Cadres

Visits to Chinese Communes

Entertainment and Politics in China

China in Retrospect

Visits to Chinese Institutes of Earth Science

Ten Thousand miles to London, by train I: China Revisited

Reflections on a Journey II: Peking to London

O.E.C.D. and Science Aid: A Case History