Fellowship Years: 1955 – 1957

Fellowship Area(s): Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Spain

Doctor in Cliza

The “New Era” in Cliza Valley

Saving and Spending in the Andes

The Southern Andes of Peru: Cuzco and Environs


Sandals and Onions

“One Becomes Accustomed”

A Day at the Market

Notes on Peru I

Arequipa Objects

Notes on Peru II

Who owns Iquitos?

An Experiment in Integration

Profile of a Satisfied Indian

Integration I

Integration II

Notes from Colombia

Return to Lima

Three Questions

Notes on Guatemala

Election Aftermath

Calculated Risk

The Elections Reviewed

The Savings and Credit Cooperative of Puno

Revolution Revisited

The Ambivalent Response

“We want bread” “We have bread.”

The Opposition Speaks

The Experience of San Pedro de Cajas

A Matter of Prejudice

The Man Between

A Ton of Eyes