Christopher P. Ball Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1996 – 1998 Fellowship Area(s): Hungary, Romania Introducing Myself and My Region Historical Reconciliation: A Central European Mystery Part I A Central European Mystery: A Look at the Costs and Benefits Part II The Battle Mohac: October 23-25, 1996 The Day “God Gave a Brain to the Romanian People” – Romanian Elections: November 3, 1996 […]

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Charles R. Temple Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1955 – 1957 Fellowship Area(s): Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Spain Doctor in Cliza The “New Era” in Cliza Valley Saving and Spending in the Andes The Southern Andes of Peru: Cuzco and Environs Puno Sandals and Onions “One Becomes Accustomed” A Day at the Market Notes on Peru I Arequipa Objects Notes on Peru […]

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