Howard Handelman Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1978-1981 Fellowship Area(s): Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Cuba Military Authoritarianism and Political Change in Uruguay Scarcity Amidst Plenty: Food Problems in Oil-Rich Venezuela Venezuela’s Political Party System on the Eve of National Elections The Making of a Venezuelan President: 1978 Cuba Today: Impressions of the Revolution in its Twentieth Year High- Rises and Shantytowns: Housing the […]

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Charles R. Temple Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1955 – 1957 Fellowship Area(s): Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Spain Doctor in Cliza The “New Era” in Cliza Valley Saving and Spending in the Andes The Southern Andes of Peru: Cuzco and Environs Puno Sandals and Onions “One Becomes Accustomed” A Day at the Market Notes on Peru I Arequipa Objects Notes on Peru […]

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William H. MacLeish Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1954-1956 Fellowship Topic: The cultures and people of Peru Fellowship Area: Peru First Days in Peru The Oasis City The Centro Mterno-lnfantil Peruvian Economy and Foreign Capital Foreign Investment in Peru The Rains and No Carnavalon Vivienda I The Ilo Canneries Introduction to the Coca Problem Education: A Teacher’s Criticism Arequipa by Hindsight Reaction to the […]

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