Fellowship Years: 1967 – 1969

Fellowship Area(s): Brazil, Chile, Mexico

Guyana: A Developing Nation

Amazônia: Tin in Rodônia

Amazônia: The Pace of Life

Amazônia: The Domain of Water

Amazônia: The Rubber Cycle

Amazônia: The Hylean Forest

Amazônia: the Contribution of the Japanese

Northeast Brazil: The Archbishop of Recife and Olinda

Brazil: Recife, FALSE Gem of the Northeast

Pampa de Comas Revisited, Lima, Peru

The Frei Administration at Mid-Term

Chile’s Agriculture: The Food Supply (No. 1)

Chile’s Agriculture: The Food Supply (No. 2)

Chile’s Agrarian Reform: The Laws and the Opposition

Chile’s Agrarian Reform: Thought and Action of its Proponents

Chile’s Agrarian Reform: Its Operation

Chile’s Agrarian Reform: The Controversy

Chile: The Importance of Copper

Brazil: The Importance of Coffee

Brazil: The Political Mood

Northeast Brazil: Violence

Northeast Brazil: The Sugar Cane Industry

Northeast Brazil: Tension in the Sugar Belt

Northeast Brazil: A Strike in the Sugar Zone

Northwest Mexico: Saga of a Mining Town

Northwest Mexico: Sour Tomatoes

Northwest Mexico: A Photo Essay

Mexico: The Indian Society

Mexico: Stone, steel, wood, stucco and glass

Mexico’s Agrarian Reform: The Physical Aspect