Fellowship Years: 2000-2002

Fellowship Topic: Politics and Culture

Fellowship Area: Russia

Russia’s New Millennium

Reading Moscow’s Architectural Text

Moscow’s New Bolshevism

Irkutsk’s Cold Spring

Samara’s Hope for Reform

Advertising in Moscow

Russian Media and Political Turf Wars

Otherwise Engaged: Crime and Punishment in Moscow

A Dose of Medicine: Animation in Putin’s Russia

Searching for Mammoths on Taimyr

Prelude to St. Petersburg: A Brief Sketch of Some Historical Literary Themes

Contemporary Moscow Art and Cultural Discontinuity

In Search of the Positive

Russia’s Human Rights Emergency

Russia’s Poverty

NTV’s Last Stand (or How Russia Learned to Stop Worrying and Love President Putin)

Georgia’s Rock and Hard Place

Ukraine’s Westward Bent

St. Petersburg Renaissance

Ten Years of Freedom

Autumn, Change from Below, and Russia’s Middle Class

My Coffee with Sergei – or, a Television Anchorman and the Making of Vladimir Putin

Uzbekistan’s Eternal Realities, Part 1

Uzbekistan’s Eternal Realities, Part 2:00 Along the Silk Road

Driving in Moscow

Final Report to the Member and Trustees