Fellowship Years: 1961 – 1964

Fellowship Area(s): USA, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganada

The Peace Corps I

The Peace Corps II, Selection and Orientation

Background to Jomo Kenyatta

Coffee: Meru Cooperative Union

Tanganyika National Parks

Arusha Wildlife Conference

The Royal of ’61

East Africa High Commission

East African Literature Bureau


The Hehe

Tanganyika’s Three-Year Plan

Uhuru na Kazi


Three WaChagga

The People of Kilimanjaro

Politics in Uganda I: The Hoe and the Chair

Masailand’s Mobile Medicine Men

Mwea Irrigation Scheme

 Land Consolidation

African Agriculture: Trends and Development

The White Highlands

The Coastal Strip

Uganda’s Lake District

Ruanda Refugees

The Kingdom of Toro

The Lost Counties

Israel in Africa

Tanganyika: One Year Later

The Mountains of the Moon


The Meru Special Report: The Meru Land Case

Mutiny in Tanganyika

Ngorongoro I: Background

Ngorongoro II: Problems and Prospects