Bruce F. Hall Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1983 – 1985 Fellowship Area(s): Hungary, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, Slovenia Untitled 1 (11/30/1983) Untitled 2 (12/28/1983) Food Retailing in Vienna Farmer Cooperatives in Slovenia The Role of Hungary’s Agriculture in Eastern Europe: An Overview of Production Mechanization of Agriculture in Romania What is a Farm in Hungary? A New Approach to Cattle Production […]

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Ian Michael Wright Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1961 – 1964 Fellowship Area(s): USA, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganada The Peace Corps I The Peace Corps II, Selection and Orientation Background to Jomo Kenyatta Coffee: Meru Cooperative Union Tanganyika National Parks Arusha Wildlife Conference The Royal of ’61 East Africa High Commission East African Literature Bureau Baobabs The Hehe Tanganyika’s Three-Year Plan Uhuru na Kazi […]

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Robert F. Gray Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1954 – 1956 Fellowship Area(s): Tanzania, Kenya Nairobi Hospitals Kenya’s Medical Training School Health Problems in an Emergency District Ki kuyu Villagization Asian Doctors in Nairobi A Rural Trading Center (Madukani) A Sleeping Sickness Settlement Babatl Sanitary Authority A Tanganyika Chief Visits England Gidas Cattle Auction Gorowa Tribe: I Origin Gorowa Tribe: II Daily Life […]

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