Cheng Li Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1993-1995 Fellowship Topic: Growth of technocracy and its impact on the economy of the southeastern coast Fellowship Area: China   Leaving Home to Go Home “The Color of Money”: Shanghai Impressions China’s Falsities & China’s Future: Part I – “Calling Things by Their Real Names” China’s Falsities & China’s Future’ Part II ’Daxing” A Most Frequently […]

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Bruce F. Hall Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1983 – 1985 Fellowship Area(s): Hungary, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, Slovenia Untitled 1 (11/30/1983) Untitled 2 (12/28/1983) Food Retailing in Vienna Farmer Cooperatives in Slovenia The Role of Hungary’s Agriculture in Eastern Europe: An Overview of Production Mechanization of Agriculture in Romania What is a Farm in Hungary? A New Approach to Cattle Production […]

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