Past Fellows

George C. Denney, Jr. Newsletters

  • January 1, 1963
  • George C. Denny Jr.

Fellowship Years: 1962 – 1963 Fellowship Area(s): USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Burma, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand Outline of Current U.S. China Policy Chinese Studies Compared with Russian Studies in the United States Japan’s China Policy in October 1962: Steering Between Blocs South Korea’s Relations with China: the Wise Ostrich? Formosa: A China Away from Home? Hong Kong:


David Hapgood Newsletters

  • February 12, 1962
  • David Hapgood

Fellowship Years: 1961 – 1963 Fellowship Area(s): Senegal, Guinea On the Eve Senegalese Background The French Presence Touring the Bush Solidarity Forever The Plot In Portuguese Guinea Mauritania Peanuts and Marabouts: I Peanuts and Marabouts: II Marabouts Memories of Dakar Morocco and Rural Change Peanuts and Marabouts III Rural Animation in Senegal The Day Houphouet Came to


L. Carl Brown Newsletters

  • January 24, 1962
  • L. Carl Brown

Fellowship Years: 1960-1962 Fellowship Topic: North Africa Fellowship Area: Sudan, Morrocco, & Tunisia Tunisia: Education, “Cultural Unity” and the Future Sudan: Old Memories and the New Reality Sudan: The Southern Provinces Sudan: The Philosophy of a Revolution Morocco: The End of an Era Colonization — A Second Look The Bizerte Affair The Left-Wing Intellectual — Moroccan Style The


Walter D. Friedenberg Newsletters

  • May 5, 1960
  • Walter D. Friedenberg

Fellowship Years: 1956-1960 Fellowship Topic: Fellowship Area: India, Russia, Afghanistan New York to Lahore: Doing It the Hard Way Fighting in Suez: Pakistan Pops Off Jhelum District Kashmir via Pakistan The Vistor From China The Congress: The Gathering of the Clan The Election: Tramways and Tigers The People’s Choice The Elections: Victory and Defeat India and Kashmir


John Tuck, Jr. Newsletters

  • May 1, 1960
  • John Tuck

Fellowship Years: 1958 – 1962 Fellowship Area(s): Greenland, Antarctica, England Untitled The Arctic Institute Greenland Expedition, 1958 The Arctic Institute Greenland Expedition, 1958 Review The Scott Polar Research Institute Saturday Night at SPRI Seals of the South Antarctic Air-Drop Measuring Glacier Flow in Antarctica South Pole Station: Some Problems of Precipitation and Personnel


Warren Unna Newsletters

  • November 28, 1959
  • Warren Unna

Fellowship Years: 1958-1959 Fellowship Topic: Arguments for Neutrality and Non-Alignment Fellowship Area: Israel, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Finland, Denmark, Ireland The Fiftieth State Neutral Shades Around the Rising Sun Pimple on China’s Underbelly Pirates, Prostitutes and All That Son


John Hanessian, Jr. Newsletters

  • June 29, 1959
  • John Hanessian, Jr.

Fellowship Years: 1958 – 1960 Fellowship Area(s): Europe, International Honorary Degrees Life in England A Scottish Yule Holiday Sir Raymond E. Priestley A June Trip to Ireland Questions in Transcaucasia Stalin’s Birthplace and a Visit to a Georgian Collective Farm Russians (and Hanessians) on Holiday Belgium and Antarctica Expeditions Polaires Francaises The Antarctic Treaty


David Binder Newsletters

  • April 14, 1958
  • David Binder

Fellowship Years: 1957 – 1960 Fellowship Area(s): Germany Stubborn City: First Impressions No More Nationalism: Giessen’s Primary Schools Unbuttoning the Strait-Jacket: Giessen’s High Schools The Gothic Labyrinth: Giessen’s Other Schools Eberhard The Incorrigible: An Educational Tale Church Freedom and a Free Church: Giessen’s Lutherans. Part I Church Freedom and a Free Church: Giessen’s Lutherans. Part II When


Charles R. Temple Newsletters

  • October 28, 1956
  • Charles R. Temple

Fellowship Years: 1955 – 1957 Fellowship Area(s): Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Spain Doctor in Cliza The “New Era” in Cliza Valley Saving and Spending in the Andes The Southern Andes of Peru: Cuzco and Environs Puno Sandals and Onions “One Becomes Accustomed” A Day at the Market Notes on Peru I Arequipa Objects Notes on Peru


William H. MacLeish Newsletters

  • July 23, 1956
  • William H. MacLeish

Fellowship Years: 1954-1956 Fellowship Topic: The cultures and people of Peru Fellowship Area: Peru First Days in Peru The Oasis City The Centro Mterno-lnfantil Peruvian Economy and Foreign Capital Foreign Investment in Peru The Rains and No Carnavalon Vivienda I The Ilo Canneries Introduction to the Coca Problem Education: A Teacher’s Criticism Arequipa by Hindsight Reaction to the