Fellowship Years: 1992 – 1995

Fellowship Area(s): Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Kosovo

Who Lost Slovakia?

Whither Pannonia?

Slovakia’s “Kulturkampf”

The Education of a President

“Greater Albania: Kosovo and surrounds” (“Adventures in Slobostan,” Part Two)

Kosice: City-State in a Nation-State

Bridges on the Drina

One Year Later: A stronger Slovakia?

The Tempting of Tudjman

The Efficient Cause:the trial of the “Ljubljana Four” and the end of Yugoslavia

National Consolidation Slovakia and the Media

Life During Wartime

What We Might Yet Lose

In a League of their Own: The Lega Nord ofNorthern Italy

“Nearer Abroad” Moldova’s return to the Russian sphere

Under a Dacian Sea

Three Strikes and you’re Out Why Meciar will not regain power in Slovakia

Istria’s shifting shoals

From Kokoschka to Modigliani Czech-German Relations Today

History’s House of Mirrors