Fellowship Years: 1960 – 1966

Fellowship Area(s): India

Initial Difficulties

India: Notes Not Quite at Random

India: One Morning in Delhi

India: The Diviners

India: No Home Runs in Bombay

India: Diwali

India: It Ain’t Necessarily so

England: A House in the Country

Divide and Lose

England in Nutshells

India: Delhi again

India: Nehru

India: Success Story

India: Holiday

India: Family Planning I

India: “Sensible Everyday Names”

India: Tamasha

India: Financing a Tamasha

India: Out of station

India: The Village I

India: The Village II

India: The Village III

India: Family Planning II with additional Information on Food Supply

India: Ladakh, Strategic scenery-I

India: Ladakh, Strategic scenery-II

India: The War

India: Report on Kashmir

India: The War and the News

India: The Second Succession


Coincidence is the Hobgoblin of Little Minds’

Pakistan: Impressions