Fellowship Years: 1978-1981

Fellowship Area(s): Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Cuba

Military Authoritarianism and Political Change in Uruguay

Scarcity Amidst Plenty: Food Problems in Oil-Rich Venezuela

Venezuela’s Political Party System on the Eve of National Elections

The Making of a Venezuelan President: 1978

Cuba Today: Impressions of the Revolution in its Twentieth Year

High- Rises and Shantytowns: Housing the Poor in Bogotá and Caracas

Organized Labor in Mexico: Oligarchy and Dissent

Economic Policy and Elite Pressures in Uruguay: Interest Groups in an Authoritarian Political System

Ecuador: A New Political Direction?

Peru: The March to Civilian Rule

Ecuadorian Agrarian Reform: The Politics of Limited Change

Peasants, Landlords and Bureaucrats: The Politics of Agrarian Reform in Peru

Government Policy and Nutrition in Revolutionary Cuba: Rationing and Redistribution