Fellowship Years: 2001-2003

Fellowship Topic: Southern Africa Water Issues

Fellowship Area: Nambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botwana, South Africa, Egypt, Lesotho

Water Meter Wars: Privatization, Protests and Renegade Plumbers

Knifing Opportunists: The Struggle to Fill the Vacuum Africa’s First Regulated River

Smuggling for the San: Water as a Weapon in the Central Kalahari

Rules of the Game: Rifles, Rhino and Access to Water

Women’s Water Quest: Long Days Journey into the Clouds

Line in the Sand: Digging in During the Dry Season

African Zion: Homeward-Bound, Away from Government Water and “Development”

Potty (Re) Training: Water Scarcity Changes How Africa Pees and Poops

Cutting Edge: Repelling ‘The Invasion of the Water-Snatchers’

The Highlanders: Manmade Quakes and Giant Snakes; Africa’s Beautiful and the Damned

Of Dams & Disease: Triage in an H2O-Negative, HIV-Positive Landscape

Overhauling the Nilometer: After 5,200 Years of Top-Down Rule, Can Water Scarcity Re-Democratize?

The Grapes of Mirth: Fresh Water Becomes Fresh Leverage Behind Race-Based Farmland Reform

Aquae Incognita: ‘Drawing A Line’ in the Water Breeds African Border Disputes

To Drink a Mirage: The Foggiest Idea: Elusive Extraction of Water from Wind

Silent Stream Sentinels: Landmines Convert Africa’s Water from Combat Catalyst to Civilian Battleground

Pliocene Park: Water Sources Shrink. Elephant Numbers Expand. Uh, Oh.

Holy Fire, Sacred Water: At Namibia’s Edge, Himba Caught Between a Dam and a Dry Place

Kalahari Earthsuckers: San Sip-Wells vs. Roughneck Rigs: Seducing Water from the Ground

The Gamey Taste of Virtual Water: Recurring Drought Turns Cattle into Kudu

Bread Basket to Begging Bowl: Dry Zimbabwe’s ‘Slow-Track’ Water Derails Mugabe’s ‘Fast-Track’ Land Reform

Upstream vs. Downstream: The Benign Dictatorship of the Mozambican Shrimp

Retirement Plans for African Dams? Apartheid’s Legacy vs. Gravity’s Force: What Goes Up Must Come Down

The Coming Hydrocracy: Arid Africa as the Water Runs Out