Mock Election: Egypt’s Pageantry, and America’s

November 14, 2016 The day before America’s presidential election, the American University in Cairo hosted a mock vote. My colleagues from the Cairo Review of Global Affairs handed out ballots to students. It was part of a promotional effort for the Fall 2016 issue, which focuses on “Democracy Deficits,” in America, Russia, Pakistan, and elsewhere.[1]

Cairo Comics, Between High and Low Art

I presented this paper, originally entitled “Alterative Origins of Arab Comics,” at the second annual Cairo Comix Festival on October 4, 2016, hosted at the American University in Cairo. It was part of a seminar day devoted to comics scholarship, including presentations from the British critic Paul Gravett and the French critic Jean-Pierre Mercier.

Jonathan Guyer on Yale University Radio

Current fellow Jonathan Guyer was recently interviewed by Yale University Radio on the implications of the 2016 election results on US-Egypt relations.  His full interview can be listened to through the link below.

Andrew J. Tabler Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2005 – 2006 Fellowship Area(s): Lebanon, Syria, Egypt The Gathering Storm Rally ’round the Flag When the Press Gathers in Damascus The Tsunami The Ties That Unwind Op Ed: How to Deal with Syria: Find out who’s in Charge Lebanon’s Twilight Zone Hizbollah: Besides God’s Party, Whose? Blowing off Steam Democracy to the

James Workman Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2001-2003 Fellowship Topic: Southern Africa Water Issues Fellowship Area: Nambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botwana, South Africa, Egypt, Lesotho Water Meter Wars: Privatization, Protests and Renegade Plumbers Knifing Opportunists: The Struggle to Fill the Vacuum Africa’s First Regulated River Smuggling for the San: Water as a Weapon

Katherine Roth Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1993-1995 Fellowship Topic: Tradition and Modernity in the Arab World. Fellowship Area: Saudi Arabia, France, Algeria, Yemen, Egypt Untitled Things in Algeria are seldom what they seem It was the unlikeliest of reunions Welcome to the wild west of Algeria Islam and women Arabization Changing Times in Cairo Turning inward Islamists:

Neil A. Silberman Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1984-1986 Fellowship Topic: Political and cultural impact of current archaeological research in the Middle East. Fellowship Area: Israel, Turkey, Egypt Macedonians, Greeks, and Human Sacrifice The Altar of Joshua Fighting a Losing Battle The Politics of Conquest. Strangers in Egypt An Uneasy Inheritance Whose Elephantine? Lost Kingdoms

Kenneth Cline Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1983-1985 Fellowship Topic: Peasant life in Egypt and Northern Yemeni Villages Fellowship Area: Egypt, Yemen, and Turkey Two Egyptian vignettes A Village Wedding Cairo: Still in the Third World Local Broadcasting in Upper Egypt Berat Village: An Overview Ramadan in Berat Berat: The Economy Berat: Another Wedding, Meat Fresh Off

Alan W. Horton Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1962 – 1983 Fellowship Area(s): Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Israel A Note On Syria And The Republic The Central Social And Political Problem Of The UAR Part I: The Rural Element The Central Social And Political Problem Of The UAR Part II: The Urban Mosaic The Central Social And Political Problem Of The UAR Part III: The Search for

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Fellowship Years: 1958-1959 Fellowship Topic: Arguments for Neutrality and Non-Alignment Fellowship Area: Israel, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Finland, Denmark, Ireland The Fiftieth