Fellowship Years: 1946 – 1950

Fellowship Area(s): India

Flight from New York to New Delhi; Plane Companions

First Impressions of India; Future Program Plans

The Tribal Area’s Underlying Problem; the “Pathan” Race

Shahpur District; Its Rural Economy

Amritsar District; North Indian Village Life

Bombay Interviews; Tata, Laud, Mehta, Premchand Kumaramangalam; Bombay to Poona

The Charity School in Mayanoor “Street Boys”

Travancore State Authoritarianism



Prof. Mohammad Habib; A!igarh University Student Opinions re Hindus-Muslims

Aligarh University Examinations; Other Activities

Dr. Grace Edwards Barar, Allahabad Amoebic Dysentery

Convalescence at Landour Hill Summer Home of Christian Missionaries, etc

Personal Health; Return to Delhi

R.G. Kakade; Servants of India

All-India Conference of Social Work

R S S “Rashtrlya Swayam Sevak Sangh”

Two Months’ Trip: Hyerabad, Saharanpur

Gandhi s Death

Personal Progress and Plans

Barsaha; Dr. Onkar Nath Jaitly, A Sarasuat Brahmin Doctor

Holiday Trek; Himalyan Foothills

Food Situation India and Pakistan

“Indian Village Service” (Indian-American Educational Plan) in Ganges-Jumna Plain

Deoria Khurd (village): Changes Since “Freedom”

Gurukul, A Gandhi Ashram in Azamgarh Dist., Swami Satyanand, Shaligram Pathik and Munni Dev

Jaipur Session, Indian National Congress

Village Self-Government; Deoria Khurd

Talk with Jawaharlal Nehru

Pilot Project in Rural Development

Indian Standards Institution